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Remembering John

“I'm John Godfrey and I'm going to own a radio station one day.” - Fall of 1968

John's lifelong dream was to start and operate a radio station - local in every way, part of a community and responsive to its needs, creative and innovative, and featuring music that all can enjoy. He studied broadcasting and communications at the University of Minnesota, and gained skills working in several different broadcasting settings. John and Colleen McKinney, his wife and partner, moved to Mora in 1988 and soon became a part of the community.

After years of preparation and planning, KBEK went on the air in early May of 1995: John's voice was the first one heard on the new station, giving the call letters for the first time with emotion and pride. John and Colleen built a staff of professional, dedicated people who understood the value a quality radio station provides to a community. KBEK became a dependable resource for people in East Central Minnesota localities, and a creative outlet for John and Colleen's family and friends.

In January 2004, John was diagnosed with cancer. He faced the diagnosis and treatment with his characteristic optimism. John passed away at his home in May 2004 with Colleen by his side.

KBEK is an ongoing expression of John's legacy. We continue to serve the community with creativity and innovation, and to play “songs from the best times of your life”.

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