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KBEK Laura MartinMidday, Monday-Friday 10am-12pm
“Might As Well Swing”, Mondays 6-10pm

Nicknames: Well, you can’t print that.

Where did you grow up? Willow River, MN

Where do you live now? Cambridge, MN

How long have you worked in radio? 2 + years.

Family Members: son Alex, and a remarkable group of friends I call family.

Pets: None right now.

Favorite Foods:  Mmm – sadly I would eat fried chicken three times a day if I could.

Favorite Movies: 12 Angry Men, Network, anything with Bogart

Favorite Books: You don’t have enough room – maybe authors are a better choice: Twain, Faulkner, Anne Lamott

Favorite TV Shows: Northern Exposure, Lost

Favorite Car: My ’72 Maverick or my 2001 Volvo. Both were old, but wouldn’t give up the fight.

Favorite Sports Team: Twins

Favorite Vacation Spots: West and North area my favorite directions to go.

Best advice you ever got: Let’s go, it’s time.

Songs from the best times of your life: So many, how can I choose? Maybe ‘Let It Be’ or “Markesh Express’ or ‘In The Mood’. See, I warned you.

Words of wisdom: If you have a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail. ~ A. Maslow