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KBEK Paul HinderscheidAfternoon Drive, Monday-Friday 2-6pm

Nicknames: Hindu, Radio Rider, Live Wire

Where did you grow up? St. Paul.

Where do you live now? West Rush Lake

How long have you worked in radio? I worked in radio and had my own cable show in the 80s for four years.

Family Members: wife Rita; daughters Traci, Jennifer, Kelli; son Joshua; granddaughter Lily; grandsons Andrew, Micah and Keegan

Pets: White Collie named Sonny

Favorite Foods: Anything on the grill.

Favorite Movies: Xman and love old movies

Favorite Book: Outsiders

Favorite TV Show: Andy Griffith Show

Favorite Car: 1967 GTO

Favorite Sports Team: All MN teams

Favorite Vacation Spot: Home on the Lake