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KBEK Happy TruckerCatch the Happy Trucker Wednesdays, 6-10pm
Midday, Monday-Friday 12pm-2pm

Nicknames: Happy, Trucker, Hey You!

Where did you grow up? North Pole

Where do you live now? South Pole

Best Friend: Alex Martin

How long have you worked in radio? 37 hours, 21 minutes and 3 seconds

Family Members: Lucille and 400 children

Pets: I don’t have any now, but when I lived in the mountains hidden from the law for a crime I didn’t do I had a bear named Gentle Ben.

Favorite Foods: Pickled silver chubs, fried sperm wales.

Favorite Movies: Twilight (the series), “Go Team Jacob!” and Howard the Duck

Favorite Books: Green Eggs and Ham, Fifty Shades of Grey, and the phone book.

Favorite TV Shows: Quantum Leap, Golden Girls, the Wiggles, Xenia Warrior Princess and Bay Watch

Favorite Car: Anything pre “Cash for Clunkers”

Favorite Sports Team: St. Louis Blues, Toronto Raptors, Washing Federals and any team in Cleveland

Favorite Vacation Spots: Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska

Best advice you ever got: Check for toilet paper before you sit.

Songs from the best times of your life: Bette Midler’s “The Rose” and anything from the soundtrack Rocky III, and “Disco Duck”

Words of wisdom: Check for toilet paper before you sit.