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Saturdays 6-11am
“The Best in Classic Country” Show, Thursdays 6-10pm

Where did you grow up? Braham and North Dakota until 7th grade

Where do you live now? Braham

How long have you worked in radio? What time is it now? There’s your answer.

Family Members: Michelle, spouse; and sons Matt and Croix (pronounced like the St. Croix)

Pets: Cat named Dre like Dr. Dre

Favorite Foods: Easier to say what’s not: Lutefisk and liver. Food is my favorite four-letter word.

Favorite Movies: Defending Your Life, The Game, old musicals, Gladiator, most any old black and white movies

Favorite Books: Vince Flynn suspense series, Daniel Silva series, Think and Grow Rich, Sherlock Holmes, The Bible, really any suspense thriller especially if they are based in real places and contain some modicum of history.

Favorite TV Shows: The Blacklist, King of Queens, Modern Family, cooking shows, Barrett Jackson car auction, and any DIY show

Favorite Car: 1961 Chev Impala – convertible

Favorite Sports Team: Minnesota Twins (don’t tell anyone)

Favorite Vacation Spot: Marco Island, FL; Boundary Waters

Best advice you ever got: You’re given two ears and one mouth for a reason … open your ears and shut the mouth … doesn’t work so well in radio.

Songs from the best times of your life: Anything by Don Williams or Charlie Pride.

Words of widsom: It’s always fun until someone gets hurt … then it’s hilarious.