The Happy Trucker Show 1st Gear, 2-15-17 This Doesn’t Suck.

This might be one of The Happy Trucker’s best shows in years… Why? I don’t know. His show rarely sucks. The Rolling Nowhere not only kick ass but they kick off this week’s show, two songs by Sturgil F%$*ing Simpson, We got some Junior Brown, Jason Boland’s baby lovess him when he’s stoned, some vinyl […]

The Happy Trucker Show 2nd gear (hour 2) 2-15-17

Corb Lund and Jack Elliot kick off the 2nd hour of The Happy Trucker Show gearing up for next week’s show with the owner of Dune Buggy Supply all about automobiles. Next the Trucker get down and dirty with some kick ass bluegrass by Dolly Parton, Ricky Scaggs and Chris Thile. Some great music by […]

The Happy Trucker Show 3rd gear, Songs about the devil, 2-15-17

For some reason The Happy Trucker starts playing songs with the word Devil in the title and/or band name. Surprisingly it’s a really great hour of songs that don’t suck.. For the most part. There’s one or two that we have no idea what the hell he was thinking. All and all it’s a fun […]

The Happy Trucker Show 1st Gear (hour 1) 2-8-17

The Happy Trucker is off drinking Red Stripe beer and Dirty Bananas in Jamaica. Fortunately (or not) he pre-recorded this week’s episode of the show. Unfortunately he didn’t leave a set list behind so for a full list of songs simply listen to the show. Go the extra mile by writing down the songs and […]

The Happy Trucker Show 1st Gear (Hour 1) 2-1-17

I’m podcasting last week’s Happy Trucker Show myself from the sandy beaches of Jamaica. If you’d like a better description of the show you’re going to have to write it yourself. In fact you can write it in the comment section for everyone else to read. I can tell you I started the show going […]

The Happy Trucker Show 1st Gear (hour 1) 1-25-17

A Jag on The Happy Trucker Show is 3 songs in a row by an artist/band that don’t suck. In this episode the Happy Trucker spends 3 hours playing 3 song jags by Reverend Horton Heat, Whitey Morgan and the 78’s, Hayes Carll, Corb Lund and many more. He also encourages fans that are on […]

Friends Of The NRA Interview on The Happy Trucker Show 1-25-17

The Happy Trucker gets to spend some time in the studio with Olympic hopeful Galvin and his mom April Barninick. They talk about all the training and dedication that goes along with competitive shooting and how important it is to teach kids about fire arms safety and supporting youth shooting sports. They also talk in […]