The Funtime Polka Party 3/18/17

On this episode of The Funtime Polka Party, Patty will be interviewing “The One and Only” Steve Meisner on Patty’s Polka Chat during the show! It will be a show you wont want to miss! We will also be revealing some new information about the Polkafest too, you will need to listen to the Polkafest ads […]

The Funtime Polka Party 2/18/17

On this  Funtime Polka Party, Patty interviews Dave and Lois Melgaard from the Top Notchmen Polka Band! Make sure you tune in from 12-1pm on Saturdays! You get to hear a great variety of Polka Music! Tune in to 95.5 FM in central Minnesota also online at We hope you tune in!

The Funtime Polka Party 1/28/17

Join Patty and Michael on the Funtime Polka Party as we have an interview with The Spotlight Polka Band! Pam and Scott Koehn join Patty for Polka Chat during our program! Hear all about this very popular polka band from Northern Wisconsin! Tune in to 95.5 FM Saturdays from 12-1PM in Central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin […]

The Funtime Polka Party: 1/14/17

On this Funtime Polka Party, Patty will be interviewing Becky and Terry from Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen! Do you wonder how she started playing Polkas?  How she got the name Barefoot Becky?  How she met Terry, or when she met him? Tune in for the answers to these and many more questions on The […]