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Pine City Girls Tennis Team Marches into State Tourney

From coach Kristin Unverzagt:

"The girls tennis season finished strong with an overall record of 9-5. The team lost to Virginia in the section 7 finals, but Lydia Adams continued to the state tournament as the section 7A singles champion. The growth of this team from the first week of practice to our final match was awesome! The team came to practice willing and ready to get better. They finished the season strong and showed improvement each time they hit the court. They are an amazing group of young women and are a great example of what it means to be a team. The team will graduate Alison Brown, Rachel Johnson, and Carina Guzik. Brandi Davis and Grace Anderson were also seniors on the team, but their season was cut short due to injuries. We appreciate the senior leadership and they have given the girls a good example to build on as we look to next season!

Lydia Adams made it to the state tournament and had amazing matches! She played at Reed Sweat Tennis Center on October 26th to compete in the state tournament. It has been so exciting to see her game develop. She is a true competitor and leaves it all on the court. She won her first round against Vanessa Barkosky from Maple River with a score of 6-4, 6-4. In the second round, she played the #3 seed Katie Mulvey from Trinity School at River Ridge. She battled hard, but lost 2-6, 3-6. Adams did a great job using her strengths and changing the game to play to her opponent’s weaknesses. I am so proud of her for her work ethic! She did a great job representing PCHS at the state tournament!

I am so excited for the future of this team and I am already excited for next season! I also want to thank Coach Eb and Coach Johnson for their dedication to help the team get stronger each day at practice and in matches. It has been an awesome first year and I appreciate the help that they have given me. I cannot wait to get back on the courts!"

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