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Local Election Results Flood in for School Districts

Unofficial results for local school districts in East Central Minnesota. Results will be updated as new information comes in.

Hinckley-Finlayson - ISD 2165

Dwaine Palmer won election for a two year term.

Angela Grochowski, Jodi Storlie, Mary Ellen VonRueden, and Steve

Grinsteinner who won elections for four year terms.

The bond referendum vote questions #1 & #2 both passed.

Rush City - ISD 139

Rush City School District operating referendum has FAILED.

Unofficial tally:

YES: 445

NO: 538

Click here for our feature on the likely staff cuts coming to that district.

Braham - ISD 314

Four Year Terms - Three positions open:

Allison Londgren 266

Steven Eklund 185

Darrin Davis 183

Brad Schmitz 176

Michael Wickeman 89

David Shockman 69

Peter Duvernay 15

Two Year Term - Special Election - One position open:

Mike Thompson 286

David Shockman 20

Ogilvie - ISD 333

Bond Referendum

Yes 222

No 46

School Board Elections: (3 will be elected)

Brian Hickerson - 300

Jeff De Young - 187

Reno Gunderson - 113

Mora - ISD 332

Bond Referendum

Yes 960- 52.2%

No 874- 47.6%

Click here for what would have happened if the Mora referendum hadn't passed.

East Central - ISD 2580

All incumbents were re-elected:

Julie Domogalla Jeannette Kester Judy Loken Rich Thomsen

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