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Askov Woman With 286 Pounds of Pot Busted in North Dakota

"WEST FARGO – A 286-pound marijuana bust on Interstate 94 has set a new record for the West Fargo Police Department and may be the largest for the North Dakota Highway Patrol, spokesmen for the two agencies said Tuesday, Nov. 21.

The load of marijuana, with an estimated street value $1,370,000, was seized after an Askov, Minn., woman was pulled over Tuesday morning for speeding as she was driving east through the metro area."- West Fargo Pioneer

An Askov, Minn. woman was arrested on Tuesday in a case that evolved into possibly the largest pot bust in North Dakota history.

34-year-old Kimberly Norton of Askov, in rural northern Minnesota, was arrested on possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Norton was pulled over traveling 8 mph over the speed limit, when the officer's K9 unit sprung into action.

The West Fargo Police Department's K9 unit, Disco, alerted officers to the illegal drugs awaiting them inside the vehicle.

The estimated street value of the drugs is $1,370,000.

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