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'Wal-Mart Rock' Becoming Local Legend in Cambridge

Visitors to the Walmart in Cambridge often notice a large, tan-colored, scratched and scuffed boulder near the parking lot.

Dubbed the “Wal-Mart Rock of Cambridge”, the boulder has been the cause of multiple car accidents in the past, most recently last week when a car flipped onto its side after hitting it.

The boulder has become so popular that an official Facebook page was created and now a petition with over 1000 signatures to make the rock a protected monument is floating around.

The Facebook page for the rock has gained over 1000 followers in the last week, quickly becoming a local legend of sorts.

When WCMP reached out to "the rock" on Facebook, it said this:

"What can I say. I am not sure if I have a magnetic personality or my patience just to sit here and wait but people seem gravitate towards me. The Facebook page was started to bring a little light "hard-edness" to unfortunate situations. Before Facebook it was a little local gossip that kind of brought its own personification to the rock and the inspiration to share the story on social media."

You can sign the petition to make the rock a protected monument here.

Do the right thing.

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