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Update: Grantsburg PD Chief Speaks on Middle School Lockdown

Yesterday a lockdown at Grantsburg Middle School had many parents concerned for the safety of their children.

However, Grantsburg Police Chief Jeff Shinzing said there was no threat to the school, its students, or staff during the brief lockdown.

“The school called and thought that they were going to have a possible problem, but it was resolved before any intervention by the police department."

Shinzing added that the department did visit the school after the call, but there was no further action necessary.

“We went to the school, talked to the principal, and then we left. We didn't have any intervention, anything to do with it. We were just asked to come up there, we talked to the principal, and we decided there was no police intervention needed."

Shinzing indicated that it was the right call from the school, according to their protocol.

“I don't know why the school decided to do it, I guess that's just precautionary."

The lock down at the school was short, and alerts were sent out via Facebook and phone call following the incident. WCMP reached out to school officials immediately following the incident, but officials declined to comment.

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