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Pine City Teen Accused of Murder Charged as an Adult

The Pine City teen who is being accused of murder stemming from an incident in August of 2017 is being charged as an adult.

17-year-old Patrick James Root is being tried for the August 4th shooting death of 22-year-old Timothy Hughes. Root is being charged with 2nd degree murder- drive-by shooting and 2nd degree homicide. Should Root be convicted on the charges as an adult, he'd likely serve 17 years and then 8.5 years on supervised release.

Root's bail is set at $250,000 on conditional bail, and $500,000 for unconditional. He is currently being held at the Pine County jail. His next court hearing is scheduled for April 13th at 9 AM.

You can read more about the shooting in our original report here and listen to Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson discuss it here.

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