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I-35 Pine City Bridge Project Delayed due to Local Concern

MnDOT has heard concerns from Pine City officials about the future of a major bridge and roadway.

Local state Senator Tony Lourey is working

alongside Pine City Mayor Carl Pederson and other officials on the reconstruction project for the I-35 bridge between Hillside Avenue and Pokegama Lake Road.

Initially, MnDOT planned on replacing the bridge with an identical structure. Instead, Pine City will push for a bridge with sidewalks and potentially aesthetic appeal akin to the I-35 bridge in North Branch. If possible, they'll pursue increased visibility as well.

Due to the concerns from local officials, MnDOT has delayed the reconstruction until 2019.

First concerns about the project were voiced at last month's Pine City Council meeting by councilor Steve Ovick who wasn't thrilled about plans for the County Road 7 bridge. The bridge connects Pokegama Lake Road and Hillside Avenue over I-35 where Hillside runs into downtown Pine City.

Regardless of that bridge's construction being delayed, the I-35 project will begin this spring. More information can be found here and will have major implications for travel in and around Pine City.

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