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Code Yellow at Braham Schools Investigated; No Threat Found

Braham Schools were under alert today before an investigation revealed there was no credible threat to students or staff.

A code yellow was set in place in the school's 5th-12th grade building for roughly two hours during today's classes. During that time, classes continued in a restrictive and limited manner.

According to Braham Schools Superintendent Ken Gagner, the school "conducted a thorough investigation and determined that a code yellow alert was no longer warranted". Superintendent Gagner also welcomed concerned parents to speak with him if they had concerns.


Below is the letter released on social media:

"Many of you are aware the 5-12 building experienced a code yellow event today (March 27, 2018) for approximately two hours. During a code yellow there is a heightened sense of alert and more control over access. Instruction - although somewhat limited - does continue.

As far as details in this particular case I can only tell you that we conducted a thorough investigation and determined that a code yellow alert was no longer warranted.

As school leaders there is nothing we value more than the safety of students and staff.

I am happy to discuss any concerns you may have in a face-to-face meeting. You can simply call our office (320-396-5199) or send Superintendent Secretary Connie Gelle an email ( to set up an appointment. These conversations tend to be more meaningful than attempts to convey all the nuances of these situations over social media.

We do appreciated your concern and feedback.


Superintendent Gagner"

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