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Snowstorm Delays I-35 Pine County Construction

Minnesota has other plans for the start of road construction season this spring.

Pine County's major I-35 construction project has been delayed until later this week due to this weekend's storm. In an email from MnDOT:

"Work will most likely still begin later this week once cleanup is finished and warmer weather returns."

In addition to the bridges on I-35 over the Snake River being replaced, 7.24 miles of road stretching from Rock Creek to Henriette Road will be redone. The 7.24 mile block of road will cost $21.5 million and the north and southbound bridges over the Snake River are $8.5 million.

Pine County Board Chairman Steve Hallan expressed the magnitude of the project at the April 3rd county board meeting.

“22 million dollars to get from Rock Creek to right out here basically. 22 million. So get your arms around that."

While expensive, Hallan said the cost is well worth it.

“If you're driving down the road and you're on a really bad stretch of road, you're going to wish they had spent 22 million."

The project of resurfacing the 7.24 miles will begin at the Chisago/Pine County line and end at Henriette Road/County Road 11.

More details about the start of the project will be available later this week, according to MnDOT.

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