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Sandstone Man Arrested, Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

A Sandstone man has been charged with criminal sexual conduct following an incident that occurred last Friday.

The Pine County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of an injured elderly man laying on the side of the road near Commercial Avenue and 5th Street in Sandstone.

The victim stated that a man later identified 19-year-old Christian Mark Wiborg had attempted to kiss him. The victim was injured after he pushed the suspect away causing the two man to fall the ground.

The suspect was later found naked, walking down the street propositioning people of sex. When deputies tried to speak with the suspect, he ignored them and kept walking. It was then that Deputies noticed he was mumbling incoherently to himself.

Wiborg was arrested and taken to the hospital for treatment before being taken to jail.

Christian Mark Wiborg has been charged with 5th-degree criminal sexual conduct, 5th-degree assault, obstructing legal process, and disorderly conduct.

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