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Pine City, Pine County Working Together after Reports of Aggressive Salespeople

The City of Pine City is investigating after the Pine County Sheriff’s Office was called involving run-ins with Kirby Vacuum Salespeople.

Sheriff Jeff Nelson said that they received multiple calls from residents about the same group of salespeople. He stated that issues would arise when the salespeople were turned down, and they became pushy.

The City of Pine City did confirmed that the Salespeople did have a valid solicitors permit.

After the negative interactions were brought to the attention of the city, Interim City Administrator Matthew Van Steenwyk told WCMP that he contacted the company to inform them of their concerns and relay the issues voiced on social media.

Van Steenwyk went onto to say that the City never got any official complaints from residents, but they working with Pine County to copies of any reports they received. This issue may also be added to the agenda of the Wednesday, March 6 City Council meeting for discussion.

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