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Luck School District Raises Money for Eugene Wynn Memorial Dock

The Luck Public School District is raising money for a dock to honor the late Eugene Wynn.

Wynn graduated from Luck Public Schools in 1994, and his classmates decided that a dock would honor his love dedication to the outdoors.

Wynn served as a DNR Conservation Officer and died in the line of duty earlier this year.

The Eugene Wynn Memorial Dock will be built on school grounds for students to fish and kayak.

According to the school's Facebook page, the money raised will go toward the dock and getting it safe for students to use on a daily basis. Any additional funds will be earmarked for a future pontoon that could be used for class activities.

Donations can be mailed to the school district or made online.

Anyone with questions about the fundraiser is asked to email Superintendent Cory Hinkel at

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