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Braham superintendent shares details about Jan. 15 swatting incident

Braham Area Schools was one of at least three districts targeted by a swatting call on Jan. 15.

In an interview about the investigation, Braham superintendent Ken Gagner said Fergus Falls and Aitkin also received calls last Monday.

Gagner said the Braham school district received information about swatting calls from the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office after a recent bomb threat that closed East Central Regional Library’s branches.

A swatting call is a prank call to emergency services in an effort to dispatch multiple police officers to an address.

"We receive a call, and it checks exactly," Gagner explained. "Number one: check. Number two: check. Number three: check. Number four: check. Fits the bill exactly that it is a swatting call. We were 99.9 percent certain."

After receiving the call, the Braham district office immediately notified area authorities, including the Braham Police Department.

Gagner said the district reviewed the threat with law enforcement and decided to continue with normal operations.

"We continued with normal operations because our normal operations have a ton of safety features built in," he explained.

Gagner added that school officials are in constant communication with law enforcement partners, and that student safety is paramount to the district.

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