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Cambridge Looks At Different Options For Community Park

The Cambridge city council held discussions on different park options for Cambridge Cove at their February 16th meeting.

The city is looking to transform several parcels near the Cambridge Primary School on Elm Street North into a new park for the area, with a trail connecting to the current city system.

Three different proposals were presented to the council with each presenting different options to make the park it’s own.

The Cambridge Park and Planning committees had recommended going with a larger 1.2 acre size park, which would create a greater park presence for the area but use up almost all of the $329,600 dedication fees from the developer.

Discussion was held about what type of park the city was looking to create for the area

“Do you want it to be a neighborhood park or do you want it to be a larger park that will attract other residents to come in there?” said a representative during the city council meeting.

Council also discussed how a smaller park would allow for more taxable area to use for housing and more funds to use on equipment or amenities.

The council voted 3-2 in favor of moving forward with the smaller .6 acre park.

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