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Cambridge Looks to Amend Downtown Business Ordinance

The city of Cambridge held discussions regarding potential changes to the city’s downtown business ordinance regarding automobile businesses earlier this month.

The ordinance change would look to limit the number of businesses tailored for automobiles in the downtown area including convenience stores, car sale lots, car washes and more. The change would still allow for current businesses to operate in the area unless operations were to cease for more than a year.

Cambridge Mayor Jim Godfry gave his opinion on the matter when presented to council.

"I don't want to restrict something to the point where you kill the golden goose as it were. I think it is something we should pursue as I said, the devil is in the details."

The change would also look to increase the minimum size of car sale lots to at least one acre, with the idea that the increase will allow for better management of inventory and better access for emergency services.

The city will look to present the ordnance changes to the planning commission. If approved, the measure will be brought before the council for a final vote of approval.

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