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East Central Energy to begin broadband buildout soon

After it was announced that East Central Energy is receiving millions in grants to aid in its broadband project, President and CEO Justin Jahnz said residents in their coverage area could have high-speed internet as early as this summer.

The energy provider was one of several companies to receive funds through the Border-to-Border Broadband program administered by DEED.

During a recent interview on the KBEK morning show, Jahnz said construction this year will start in Isanti County.

Work will begin in April and ECE members who receive internet will have the ability to use it almost immediately. Janhz says that could be as early as June.

A website will be launched in February for people to express interest in receiving broadband from ECE.

You can listen to the full conversation with Justin Jahnz on the Q-Media On Demand podcast.

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