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Foley Holds Off on Edibles Moratorium

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The city of Foley discussed enacting a moratorium on the sales of edible cannabinoid products within the city during their first meeting in August.

Like many communities, the city looked to halt sales after the state enacted a new law which made it legal to sell certain edibles and beverages infused with the cannabis ingredient THC. A moratorium would allow for changes to be made to the current city code to protect public health, safety and general welfare of its residents.

City Administrator Sarah Brunn told council that under the moratorium, a study of some kind has to be conducted under state law.

"We compile a file of all the different things that we are doing because we have that obligation to provide that to somebody if they wanted to request what we do. Basically, we limited somebody from doing something so we have to have a justification why."

Councilmember Jeff Gondeck wondered if putting such a moratorium in effect would even be beneficial, with such a pause impacting local businesses that already sell those products and residents already having the ability to order such products online.

Council voted to table the moratorium motion until more information is made available, the city’s attorney expects to hear back from the state regarding potential changes to the state law.

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