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Isanti County Makes County Position Appointed

The Isanti County Board voted to approve changes to the county auditor-treasurer position earlier this month.

The county auditor-treasurer will now be appointed rather than elected upon with the idea that the change will allow for better government operation. Over half of the counties in Minnesota currently appoint their auditor-treasurer position.

Many county residents had voiced their disapproval of the potential change, stating that the county position should still remain voted on to keep civic duty strong and that the change could lead to less accountability.

Commissioner Mike Warring showed his support for keeping the position elected.

"We have a tremendous auditor-treasurer, but I will not vote to take away anyone's right to vote."

Isanti County Commissioner Terry Turnquist commented that the position should be filled with the applicant with the best qualifications like other offices.

"The sheriff has to be a licensed peace officer, The county attorney has to be an attorney, Treasurer-Auditor just has to be 18 and live in the county and I want the most qualified person in that very important job."

Residents in the county do have the ability to overturn an appointment decision through a reverse referendum which can send the decision to a next election ballot which would be decided by majority votes.

The resolution was passed 4 to 1 with Commissioner Mike Warring being the only nay vote.

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