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Milaca Veterans Memorial Moving Forward

The city of Milaca is moving forward with their Veterans Memorial project at Trimble Park

The Milaca Veterans Memorial Committee is looking to have the project completed by end of 2021, with the city council approving the motion for the committee to seek bids for phase 2

The committee asked the council if it could access a set aside $100,000 donation to be used to help complete the project while fundraising efforts continued before the ground breaking.

The council explained while the donation could be used, the funds are technically an insurance for the project.

"You guys have been good enough and worked hard enough on that, that I don't think you will have to reserve it." said Milaca Mayor Pete Pedersen to the Memorial Committee.

The estimate total cost of the project so far sits at around $283,000 with both phases 1 & 2 as well as engineer costs

The city council will hold a special meeting to approve the bid for Phase 2 at a later date.

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