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North Branch Hears Reconsideration of Revoked License

The North Branch City council heard a reconsideration request from Cloud X Vapes in regards to it’s tobacco license.

The city had voted to revoked the businesses’ license near the end of June after having received numerous reports and complaints about sales of tobacco products to minors and operating during the Governor’s Executive Order in 2020.

The businesses’ license holder, Courtney James, spoke to council and explained how she and management had been in discussion with employees on the ongoing issues and even letting go three employees that had failed compliance checks.

North Branch Council Member Amanda Darwin touched on the responsibility Mrs. James has when running a business and the lack of ownership of the problem.

"I would have loved for you to come up here and take some responsibility. I know you can't control all of your employees actions, but ultimately it's your responsibility to keep those products out of the hands of minors."

Mrs. James had commented that she manages another business in the North Branch area and did her best to divide her time up between them as well as her home life.

Council Member Kelly Neider also commented that Mrs. James should be working to clear up her record on the Better Business Bureau, especially with a second different business in her name already and a long future ahead of her.

The council voted to uphold the revoked license ruling.

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