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North Branch Man In Custody After Incident in Lent Township

A North Branch man is in custody after damaging property and firing a rifle at a Lent Township residence Monday evening.

According to a press release from the the Chicago County Sheriff’s Office, authorities responded to a call from the homeowner after a victim claimed 36-year-old Thomas Goodwin threated to violate an Order for Protection and their safety.

Witnesses claimed Goodwin arrived at the residence and used his vehicle to ram another vehicle in the driveway, likely totaling it due to the force of the crash. Goodwin was said to then have exited his vehicle, armed with an AR-style rifle equipped with a suppressor and wearing a ballistic vest, and shot at the vehicle causing more damage. Witnesses said Goodwin fired more rounds as he approached the house but no casing were located.

Authorities arrived to Goodwin walking down the driveway and was able to take him into custody without further incidents. Goodwin has been charged with Threats of Violence, Criminal Damage to Property in the First Degree, Possession of a Suppressor – not Lawfully Possessed, Domestic Abuse – Violate Order for Protection, and Dangerous Weapons – Drive-by Shooting.

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