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North Branch Moves Forward with Potential Lent Township Annexation

The city of North Branch heard an update regarding the possible annexation of Lent township during their meeting last week.

An orderly annexation is currently being discussed between Lent Township and the city of Stacy but several residents in Lent had voiced interest in a portion of the township being annexed into North Branch instead with several Lent residents in attendance at the North Branch council meeting.

Lent Township Supervisor Brian Seekon spoke during the council meeting and gave reason why the township moved forward with annexation.

"Our idea behind this process was as a township, we gonna die and disappear but we will all be together and idea was just to keep us together as a community, as close to as we are now."

North Branch Attorney Christopher Hood informed the council they had two options if Lent Township refused an orderly annexation request, either to file an annex by ordinance or to initiate a contested annexation proceeding which would make its way to the state for decision.

Council voted to move forward with collecting petitions from Lent Township citizens wishing to be annexed into North Branch. Chisago City is also working with Lent Township leadership for citizens wishing to join Chisago City on the south side of the township.

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