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Princeton Police to Purchase New Pistols

The Princeton City Council approved the purchase of new pistols for on-duty officers at their March 25th meeting.

The Princeton Police Department currently use a Smith & Wesson M&P 45 caliber pistol, which have been in service for around thirteen years. The department would be looking to purchase fourteen new model M2.0 pistols with night sights from the Sioux Sales Company with a price of $6,650.

Along with the new pistols, the department did request that the officers be offered the option to purchase their old model pistols at a discounted rate in which the money could be used to replenish funds used and purchase ammo.

Princeton Police Chief Todd Frederick explained how the new models will actually save the department due to the similar designs, allowing the department to continue to use the same accessories.

The pistols are expected to arrive sometime in October.

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