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BCA investigating use of force in rural Benton County case

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has identified three law enforcement officers who fired shots during an Oct. 12 use-of-force incident in Benton County.

According to the BCA’s investigation, members of the Sherburne County Drug Task Force executed a narcotics search warrant at a Glendorado Township residence.

The criminal complaint states that law enforcement announced their presence multiple times before entering.

An exchange of gunfire ensued with suspect Karl Holmberg, in which five officers were shot and injured.

A witness inside the home, Dorine Holmberg, reported Karl saying it was "his day to die" after observing police outside of their residence. He allegedly had multiple guns laid out on the bed.

Dorine Holmberg also said Karl fired blindly through the closed bedroom door at the officers, and was armed with a military-style rifle.

Holmberg has been charged with six counts of first-degree attempted murder and six counts of first-degree assault.

The BCA says Benton County deputy Ron Thomas fired his pistol, and Sherburne County Patrol Sergeant Austin Turner fired a less-lethal round.

A third officer who fired a shot was working in an undercover capacity and was not identified.

The BCA recovered 10 firearms at the scene, along with ammunition casings. Karl Holmberg remains in custody at the Benton County jail.

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