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Car Chase in Sherburne County Under Death Investigation

A death investigation is being conducted in Sherburne County after a car chase this past Saturday.

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Department began a chase on a vehicle heading east on HWY 10 in connection to a shooting incident that had occurred in Minneapolis earlier that day.

Police attempted to subdue the vehicle, performing PIT maneuvers and using stop sticks, which the driver began firing shots at officers.

The vehicle soon left the roadway, crossing oncoming traffic and crashing through a barrier near Elk River. Officers approached the vehicle and discovered the driver deceased due to an apparent gunshot wound, a handgun was discovered inside the vehicle near the driver.

Early investigations show no indications that any law enforcement officers discharged their weapons during the incident, The BCA will continue to investigate and release more information as it comes available.

No other passengers were located in the vehicle and no officers or pedestrians were injured during the chase or crash.

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