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East Central Regional Library Considers Naloxone Distribution

The East Central Regional Library board is considering having naloxone on-hand as part of emergency equipment at its branches.

According to ECRL executive director Carla Lydon, Recovering Hope Treatment Center reached out to the Mora Library about having naloxone on-hand last fall. The ECRL has talked with the Steve Rummler Hope Network about a potential partnership.

Lydon said two partnership opportunities have been discussed. The first would be to have naloxone on-hand as part of emergency equipment, like an AED. The second discussion was about whether ECRL branches might serve as Naloxone Access Points.

"ECRL has 14 branch libraries and I expect that if we were to move forward with locations as NAPs, it would not be a one size fits all situation, in that some branches may be access points and others may not." she said in an email interview.

The Princeton library branch staff reported an incident in December where a patron said his friend had overdosed in the restroom.

"In December, the Princeton branch reported an incident where a patron came running out of the restroom screaming to call 911. He said his friend had OD’d and was passed out. Staff reported that he was on the floor and appeared to be convulsing," Lydon said. "Staff called 911 and while waiting for emergency personnel to respond, the patron suddenly got up and left the library. A deputy arrived and speculated that the patron in distress may have received Narcan."

Lydon said there’s no timeline for a naloxone effort, but the library is continuing its education on the issue. ECRL wants to have discussions with its partner cities about their interest and concerns before deciding to participate. Conversations with staff addressing logistical issues would also be necessary.

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