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Food Trucks Looking to Make Changes in Isanti

The Isanti City Council added a new item to their agenda at their last city council meeting after hearing comments about the city's current food truck regulations. Food trucks currently reside under the city's peddlers ordinance and some believe changes need to be made.

One issue arose dealing with the background process for all workers as well as the $75 cost, another with the six-month permit costing $200. Isanti has some of the highest rates for background checks in the area.

Chris Page, owner and operator of PJ Grill Food Truck based out of Blaine, spoke at the public comment after being approached by Thunder Brothers Brewing. Page explained how the costs affect people like himself and how food trucks like his own choose locations.

"Part of what we are trying to do here is to mitigate the cost to us" said Page to the council, "The food trucks are going to go where its affordable to do so, where we feel welcome and where we feel like a part of the community."

The council entertained the idea to lower the $200 six-month permit and to make it a year-long period, with background checks also dropping down to $30. Council also brought up making the changes affect food vendors that come for other public events including street dances.

A vote on the new changes will take place at the next city council meeting.

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