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Kanabec County Approves Funding Requests

The Kanabec County Board approved of a funding request to help out departments and programs during their September 7th meeting. The request would utilize funds received in the first round of American Rescue Plan aid that was received back in June.

The request included funding for wages and benefits for a full-time School Resource Officer which had previously been removed due to budget restrictions.

The county board was in favor of funding the position but wanted to make sure that the position could be budgeted after funds had run out. Some on the board asked if the schools would be able to assist in the future, with staff stating they would inquire to see if it would be possible.

The funding request also asked for start-up and annual funds for a K-9 Program at the Sheriff’s Department. The program would help assist in responses and combat the increase in crime and substance abuse in the community.

The Sheriff’s Department is hoping to begin the K-9 project by the spring of 2022.

Other funding requests included:

  • An additional $10,000 for improvements to the jail's camera system

  • $6,000 for a new technology mobile cart for the County Attorney's Office to help with court backlogs

  • Up to $3,500 for calibration and monitoring service for Public Health vaccine program refrigerators

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