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Kanabec County Board of Commissioners sets public hearing about Hornet Street in Hillman Township

The Kanabec County board of commissioners scheduled a public hearing about Hornet Street in Hillman Township during Tuesday’s meeting.

The hearing is set for 10:10 a.m. during the board’s May 16 meeting. County administrator Kris McNally said the meeting could be moved to a larger courtroom if more capacity is needed.

At issue is a quarter-mile segment of Hornet Street. The Hillman Township board has denied maintenance for that stretch of road, which is the only access to the home of Renee and Andy Crisman.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Renee Crisman said a public hearing is a positive next step in resolving the ongoing conflict.

In September of 2022, the Crismans petitioned the Minnesota Supreme Court to review a Court of Appeals decision. That decision reversed a Kanabec County District Court ruling against the Hillman Township board refusing road maintenance.

The state Supreme Court denied the petition for review.

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