Kanabec County Listens to Public On Covid Mandates

Emotions rose at the public forum portion at the first 2021 Kanabec County Board meeting.

A citizen voiced their frustration with the Covid mandates that continue to be in effect, after receiving an update on Covid numbers from the Kanabec County Public Health Department.

"The state is one thing, but this is our county," said the citizen "We have people who work here and have businesses here and we are closed down for no apparent reason."

Comparisons were also made between how kids are returning to play sports with masks, but families still can't see loved ones in long-term care facilities. The resident also questioned how Governor Walz could have such authority and control when local government still had the ability to govern properly.

The county board empathized with the concerns, voicing their own opinions about how they wish they could enact different policies and open businesses, but explained that the county can only do as much as they are permitted to do by the state’s guidelines.

The board suggested the resident reach out again to state and federal officials to express their concerns while the county continued to do whatever then can to help the community.

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