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Kanabec County Sheriff’s Office warns of scams after Mora storm

Kanabec County Sheriff Brian Smith warned Mora residents to be vigilant of scams in the wake of a severe storm that caused damage in the city.

Smith advised to check with consumer advocacy groups to make sure repair and removal services are legitimate.

"You've definitely got to be careful of who they are," Smith said. "There are some quick, easy things you can do. Just check in the Better Business Bureau or consumer advocacy groups that are online. You can reach out easily and check their business credentials."

He also stressed the importance of getting a written quote before agreeing to a project.

During Tuesday’s Mora City Council meeting, public works director Joe Kohlgraf estimated at least 90 percent of the city’s cleanup effort was complete.

The Mora Aquatic Center also closed its season a day early on August 12th due partially to storm debris in the pools, as well as a mechanical pump issue.

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