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Mora Captures First Conference Win

The Mustangs hosted Pierz on Thursday night.

Mora came into this game looking for their first conference victory of the season.

The Mustangs got off to a bit of a cold start against the Pioneers. Trailing early in the opening set, Pierz seemed to run away with it. But Mora wasn't going to make it easy, they came back and fought hard, ultimately falling in the first set 25-15.

The 2nd set however proved to be a much different story. Mora came out firing on all cylinders and held and early lead. Both teams would trade points late into the set, even brining it past the 25 point usual. The Mustangs would hold on and win the 2nd set 28-26 to even the match.

The 3rd set was similar to the first, a tad bit of a cold start for Mora but a late surge gave them momentum. It wasn't enough as Pierz took the 3rd set 25-26.

Mora had a spark that couldn't be extinguished and used that as a momentum carrier in the 4th set. They built a lead early, though Pierz fought back hard, the Mustangs would come out of the set with the win 25-20 to once again even the match, this time going into the final set.

The question loomed, could Mora use that momentum they carried throughout the last set to close out a victory? The answer was a resounding yes! The Mustangs controlled the 5th set from the first serve and never looked back and grabbed set win 15-10 and the come from behind match victory 3-2!

The Mustangs win their first conference game of the season and improve to 1-4 and 4-12 overall. They will host a tournament on Saturday, before welcoming in rival Pine City on Monday.

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