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North Branch Holds On Action For Nuisance Property

The city of North Branch discussed options regarding a nuisance property on 9th Avenue during their meeting earlier this week.

The property has been the location of numerous complaints of nuisance and blight conditions for over three years, council was presented with several options to address the issues, but any would hit the city with clean-up costs potentially exceeding $30,000.

Another option would see the city wait until possession of the property officially changes hands but any official actions wouldn't be possible until the beginning of next year.

Councilmember Kelly Neider gave her opinion on the situation and how it is impacting the city.

"Just all collectively, we are already looking at $30,000 in just people's time. There isn't a good outcome, there isn't a good path to take so I'm trying to go the lesser of two evils. I'm personally at we wait until October and continue to do the best that we can."

The previous owner of the property had recently been arrested on a felony level charge and the property is currently in a 6-month redemption period which would expire in October.

Council voted to hold off on any actions until the bank, which is aware of the general condition of the property, or another buyer will take possession and have a better chance of repayment of clean-up costs.

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