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Results of GRC Wrestling Tournament

Isle was the site for the Great River Conference wrestling tournament on Friday. Here's a look at how the local wrestlers and teams did.


1st- Beau Hudoba Ogilvie

2nd- Tucker Gould RC/B

3rd Vincent Schmid Mille Lacs


1st- Zach Remer Mille Lacs

3rd- Emerson Umbreit RC/B

4th- Lucas Fradette Ogilvie


1st- Donovan Schmid Mille Lacs

3rd- Landon Luckoff RC/B

5th- Anthony Thomas PC-HF

6th- Matthew Sholtz Ogilvie


1st- Deegan Birkaker Ogilvie

2nd- Creeden Spengler Mille Lacs

4th- Anthony Graves RC/B


1st- Carter Adickes Mille Lacs

2nd- Kaden Felde Ogilvie

3rd- Frank Betters PC-HF


1st- Landon Umbreit RC/B

2nd- Cam Wilkes Mille Lacs

3rd- Brody Smith Ogilvie


1st- Isaak Coolidge RC/B

2nd- Hayden Bolling Ogilvie

3rd- Tucker Strecker Mille Lacs

6th- Nicholas Blaiser PC-HF


1st- John Mead PC-HF

2nd- Kellen Gorman RC/B

3rd- Chase Calander Mille Lacs

5th- Ryan Sholtz Ogilvie


1st- Kaden Gorman RC/B

2nd- Damien Torgerson PC-HF

3rd- Devin Hufstedler Ogilvie

4th- Landyn Remer Mille Lacs


1st- Jesse Eklund RC/B

2nd- Jace Preston PC-HF

4th- Carter Magaard Ogilvie

5th- Cade Tramm Mille Lacs


2nd- John Cacioppo RC/B

3rd- Ethan Perrotti PC-HF

4th- Colby Milbradt Ogilvie

5th- Xavier Bullen Mille Lacs


1st- Ethan Houtsma Ogilvie

2nd- Chris Ecker Mille Lacs

3rd- Jaxon Karas PC-HF

5th- Morgan Bodell RC/B


1st- Landon Halvorson Ogilvie

2nd- Jace Allerton RC/B

3rd- Earl Monchamp Mille Lacs


1st- Conor Hampton Ogilvie

2nd- Warren Minenko Mille Lacs

4th- Leanardo LeTourneau PC-HF

Final team standings

1st- 231 points-Mille Lacs Great River conference Champs!

2nd- 225 points-Ogilvie

3rd- 209 points-Rush City/Braham

5th- 123.5 points-Pine City-Hinckley-Finlayson

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