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Rush City Scores Over 100 Points in Win Against Hope Academy

The Rush City boys basketball team hosted Hope Academy last Friday.

The Tigers were in search of their 3rd straight win against the Lions.

It was a slowish start for Rush City, as Hope Academy jumped out to an early lead. But after the early lead the Tigers closed the gap tied the game and even took the lead for a short moment. The Lions wouldn't let their lead slip away for long as they quickly flipped it back to their side. Both sides battled back and forth and the Tigers would soon grab a lead again. This lead came after the halfway point of the first half but it proved to be the last time the lead would change hands. It seemed that, after grabbing the lead, Rush City's team could do no wrong. The defense suffocated any Hope Academy attempts to close the gap while their offense continued to stay hot and pull away. The Tigers would go into half with a 63-45 lead.

The Tigers continued where the left off in the 2nd half, pouring on the points while the defense made things difficult for Hope Academy. Although scoring wise there were less points in the 2nd half, there was no lack of action. The Tigers defense was able to grab 10 steals in the final half and scored off of nearly every turnover in the game. This helped them to grow their lead and not worry about the Lions getting close enough for a comeback. As the half came to a close the Tigers scored their 100th point in the game and even added 8 more for good measure. Rush City cruised to a victory 108-70 over Hope Academy.

The Tigers now sit at 3-1 on the season. They will wait until Thursday to play again. They'll travel to Milaca to battle the Wolves.


Rush City

Anthony Daas 35

Landon Mold 30

Braeden Root 17

Owen Dick and Matthew Kempf 7

William Volk and Nolan Stepp 4

Dakota Schmidt and London Utecht 2

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