Dear KBEK Listeners and Friends,
This might be the hardest and strangest post ever made on our page… Ok not strangest because we’ve shared some pretty crazy things… But this is difficult. We’ve always prided ourselves on being an independent commercial radio station, generating operating costs through the sale of advertising. As local businesses in our listening area close they are no longer in need of that service. The suspension of Live From The Listening Room as a venue, meeting place and source of revenue adds to our hardship and our ability to sustain as a local business.
We will continue to broadcast as close to our regularly scheduled programming as possible. At this point and time ALL of our DJs you hear on air and all remaining staff are volunteering their time and for that we are extremely grateful.
We have added a ‘Donate’ button below. Our plan is to continue to support our listening community through the KBEK 95.5 FM airwaves by continuing to broadcast local artists, information and entertainment.
If you are so moved, please scroll down and hit that donate button.
THANK YOU all for your continued support.

ALL POINTS BLUEGRASS is a new show premiering Monday, May 4th at 6:00PM! Check it out here!

Things you may be curious about

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