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Talon Sanitation Approved for Pine City Contract

Q & A with Nikki Patzoldt of Talon Sanitation

Q: What's the focus of the business?

A: Our focus is to provide the community with the waste and recycling services that they need and to keep the small town atmosphere alive. We’ve had locally owned waste companies treat this community really well and we hope to bring that back to our community. Our focus is definitely the people of the community!

Q: What have the early stages been like of the startup?

A: The startup has been a little nerve wracking of course as starting any new business is, but also exciting! We know that the company that currently fulfills the contract with the city is a worldwide company but we are hopeful the community supports Talon and is just as excited as we are to have Talon Sanitation as an option.

Q: Community feedback you’ve received?

A: We’ve received lots of great feedback. It’s very humbling. We also have calls asking about services that we are currently not offering but we are definitely working on them. From the sounds of it many people are willing to be patient with us and are just waiting for a phone call the day we do offer them.

Q: Looking forward to most?

A: We are looking forward to serving our community and eventually expanding into surrounding areas. We are also looking forward to growing and offering all of the waste needs consumers are looking for.

Q: Where do you see this company in the future?

A: We hope to see it become a successful business in which we can give back to the community.

Q: What are you looking at in terms of expansion?

A: We are hoping to serve other rural areas in need of waste and recycling services. We have already had lots of people from the Rush City area contacting us. We are literally starting with 1 to 2 trucks from the ground up and we know it will take time to be able to service more areas but we look forward to expanding and hope we are able to service more areas in the next couple of years.

Talon Sanitation Approved for Pine City Contract

Last night the Pine City Council approved a new, local sanitation company to begin hauling.

Talon Sanitation is a startup company based in Pine City that’s locally owned and operated by the Patzoldt family.

After little deliberation, the council approved Talon to begin immediately.

Quent Patzoldt who runs it alongside his wife Nikki, said the feedback has been immensely uplifting.

He added that their focus would be customer service first.

For more info on Talon and how to contact them, click here.

Grantsburg Power Outage Affects over a Thousand

A group of people the size of Grantsburg lost power in that area on Monday.

Polk-Burnett electric cooperative released info on Monday’s outage that affected 1,285 people in the Grantsburg area due to a possible fuse at their substation.

Crews were sent to the scene and power was restored by 4:40 in the afternoon.

The energy cooperative through Touchstone allows customers to view outages by visiting their website, and can be found at in today’s stories as well.

Safe Haven Foster Shoppe Provides Clothes

The Safe Haven Foster Shoppe in Rush City is holding a bag drive for back to school.

For the drive, participants should purchase new items that are designated for each bag.

Those involved should then drop off or arrange for pickup of the bag they put together.

These bags of clothes and other goods equip, encourage, and comfort children headed into foster care.

You can find the full list of items to be placed in each bag on

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