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Pine County Veterans Services Officer Pushing for Added Staff

Pine County Veterans Services Officer Pushing for Added Staff

A large contingent of Pine County veterans crowded the County Board room yesterday to push for a change in the county veterans services office.

The point at hand dealt with Pine County Veterans Services being placed under the lead of Health and Human Services.

Pine County Veterans Services Officer Ben Wiener says the change would be devaluing to the benefits veterans receive.

Aside from the continued separation of those departments, Wiener is pushing for a full time secretary for the Veterans Services Office, a position that is currently part-time and would be replaced if joined with Health and Human Services.

The Pine County Board fielded questions and concerns from the large number of veterans that attended the meeting, and said it will take those into consideration.

Lakes and Pines Energy Assistance Program Faces Energy Fund Shortage Due to Hurricanes

Community members that utilize the Energy Assistance Program through Lakes and Pines Community Action Council are being affected by natural disasters in the Southern United States.

After hurricanes Irma and Harvey devastated parts of Texas and Florida respectively, energy funds are being redirected towards those places who are mostly without power.

It’s recommended that if you still want to take advantage of the program, that you send in your application as soon as possible.

Pine City Girl Scout Registration Tomorrow

Registration to join the girl scouts program in Pine City is tomorrow night.

The sign up time will be 6:30-8 pm at the VFW in Pine City.

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