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More Cuts for Rush City Schools Expected

Following a failed operating referendum in 2017, the Rush City School District is expecting more cuts on the way. In a community letter sent on January 26th, District Superintendent Teresa Dupre warned of looming additional cuts for the district for the 2018/19 school year.

"Rest assured we are committed to continuing our efforts; yet please understand that support systems and opportunities for our students will reduce for the 2018/2019 school year," Dupre said.

Dupre also outlined past reductions that were necessary, including cutting five teaching positions over the past two years, the scale back of staff development, and not buying new buses. She mentioned that staff have even attempted to ease some of the pressure by paying for essential items themselves.

"Many of our generous staff members have compensated for those reductions by purchasing items out of their own pocket."

In the closing thoughts of Dupre's letter, she made it clear to the community that the district's choices are few in their dire situation.

"Our school district policy requires that when expenditures exceed revenue they need either to increase revenue or reduce expenditures. We have only one choice. Please know there are no good options or “extras” left for us to reduce."

The decisions for the budget reductions are scheduled for release at the next school board meeting on February 15th.

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