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Juvenile Arrested After Threats Made Against North Branch Schools

Late Saturday night the North Branch police department posted on Facebook that they'd arrested a juvenile who made terroristic threats against North Branch schools.

North Branch police officers investigated the threat against the school Saturday night and were able to "quickly identify and arrest the juvenile who made this threat". According to the post, the juvenile is being held on felony terroristic charges.

The post continued: "The NBPD is committed to keeping our community and our schools safe. Any threats made against our students or our schools will not be tolerated. If you make any threats against our students or our schools, you will be arrested." There is currently no threat to the public as the believed perpetrator is in custody.


North Branch PD contacted the school at approximately 9 PM Saturday night about the threat, and a suspect was in custody less than 90 minutes later.

It’s now known that the 17-year-old who made the threats is a former student currently attending Pathways, a program with ties to the Chisago County school district and St. Croix River Education District.

The suspect is currently being held on felony terroristic charges.

District officials say that tomorrow will be a regularly scheduled school day, but families can keep their children home if they choose to and their absence will be excused.

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