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Grass Fires, Thin Ice Herald Springtime in Pine County

With spring at last making its way through the region, citizens should be aware of the changing environment around them.

Despite some lakes still sporting solid layers of ice, the conditions can change quickly, said Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson.

“You get out away from the shore and ice is still fairly thick. But it really changes quickly- that's the problem with spring ice. One day it's easy to get on it and it's no problem but the next day it's totally changed."

In addition to ice levels changing, grass fires have been popping up in the area.

“We've had a lot of reports already of grass fires. Some have involved buildings and vehicles and gotten bigger than just a grass fire."

The Minnesota DNR has a helicopter stationed within Pine County to respond to any grass fire emergencies more quickly than most ground vehicles are able, especially in wooded areas.

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