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Chisago County Appoints New Sheriff

Following the imminent retirement of Chisago County Sheriff Rick Duncan, the county board went ahead Wednesday and appointed his successor.

As expected, former chief deputy Brandon Thyen was chosen for the spot, as he was recommended by Duncan. Thyen has served 20 years in the county and spent time in Pine County prior to that.

In March, Duncan announced his plan for re-election this fall, but abandoned that idea a month later when he announced his retirement, citing health concerns. While Duncan's health was the driving force behind his retirement, Pemberton Law Firm and Chisago County officials said he's also under investigation after a complaint was filed against him.

In a report from KSTP, Chisago County Attorney Janet Reiter said she was unsure of how to proceed with the potential of making details of Duncan's investigation public, and has reached out to the Minnesota Data Administration for further help. Duncan's retirement will take effect May 4th.

In the mean time, newly minted Sheriff Thyen told KSTP, "You know in law enforcement we make mistakes, we have to learn from those and make the profession better."

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