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Bear Blamed for Fire in Siren

Siren, WI fire crews were bear-ly able to claw through the flames last weekend after a furry creature started a blaze.

According to the Siren Fire Department, a bear climbed a power pole, was electrocuted, fell to the ground, and set debris on fire.

Siren Fire Chief Tony Dalsveen told the Sentinel, “Well the one was started by a bear. He climbed the power pole and got zapped, must have been smoking, because he hit the ground and started the debris on fire.”

It’s not the only fire that the department has had to deal with in the last few days. Crews also responded to an outdoor burning pit that went out of control in Siren on Polanski Road.

Various other fires, including structures, that burned were reported last weekend in a time where a red flag warning was issued in multiple counties in east central Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

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